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Labor And Delivery

How to Prepare For Labor and Delivery Home and Family Guide

By: Ethan Mark

Labor and delivery can be two distinct events that bring excitement, agitation and different floods of emotions to every soon to be mother. As the pregnant undergo different stages of delivery, there are sudden surge of different emotions one can expect. When getting through all these, the mother should gain support from the family members, most especially the husband. In order to have a good phase of each delivery periods, you need to be well oriented on what to expect as you are about to give birth. The success of labor and delivery depends on how prepared the mother is when it comes to techniques and labor activities. Here are some of the things you might consider helpful.

Choose your health care provider. Deliberately choose the health care provider who will cater you during the stages of labor and delivery. Your views and expectations will depend on how well you are being informed. Your health care provider can also help you choose the birthing location. Listen to their advices and do away with the “don’ts” during pregnancy. Seek early consultation if you experience peculiar feeling and unusual bleeding.

Feed curiosity. When you are a first time mother, pregnancy and child delivery can be a whole new experience for you. Regardless of who your caregivers will be, you need to be well informed about what to do and what to expect during this another milestone of your life. As an expectant mother, you need to initiate learning by asking your ob gyne about your concerns or some things that bother you. In this way, you can concentrate on better ways to deal with them and have positive outlook towards pregnancy and delivery.

To bring checklist. As much as you expect your baby to come out at any moment, then start deciding on the personal things you need to bring during hospital or birthing home admission. Have them bought and assembled in your home. Prepare a bag which will contain your baby’s receiving blankets, socks, infant caps, diaper, diaper wipes, bottles and formula if you will not be breastfeeding, and a special going home outfit. However, do not overdo the packing. The hospital may offer everything you need. It is nevertheless a good practice to get the bag packed and keep it available at all times just in case the labor starts.

Breathing exercise. Just as when your labor has started, breathe diaphragmatically. Do this by inhaling deeply enough and expanding your tummy to allow your diaphragm to drop down into your abdomen. Your diaphragm will rise and your abdomen will contract when you exhale. This type of breathing can help you endure the contractions as well as facilitate your baby to go down and out of your vaginal canal. If you want to exercise this kind of breathing, you may start by sitting in a chair comfortably. Put one of your hand on your chest and allow your hand other to stay on your belly. As you breathe in, take a deep one and move the air down to the lower parts of your lungs by expanding your abdomen. You have to be careful with both the deep inhalation and expansion of your belly.

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